September 23

  • We have 87 runners in our Club now!! Yay!!! We continue to welcome parents, grandparents, etc to join us. Our kids are incredibly proactive and take responsibility for their behavior but the coaches also want to be proactive and head-off any possible problems by having lots of adult eyes out there.
  • Questions about what to wear: Generally runners can add 20 degrees to whatever the thermometer is indicating because they are moving and generating energy. So, if it is 40 degrees on the thermometer, it feels like 60 degrees to a runner. This will vary from runner to runner because we have different metabolisms. The coaches make suggestions but it is ultimately the runners responsibility to decide what to wear (with guidance from parents as well). If students are cold, we let them get additional layers. If they are overheated, we left them take off layers.
  • Concerns about shoes: students should be wearing shoes that are suitable for running or at least walking briskly. This means an athletic shoe, not a dress/show shoe. Dress/showy shoes are not as safe and may not be good for feet/leg health. Students who consistently wear dress/showy shoes may need to reconsider whether they want to be part of Run Club.

  • Save the date: Nov. 14 will be our end-of-the season run with parkrun Livonia. We will send a flyer including more details with students soon. Most students will be running 2 to 2.5 miles per week so they will certainly be able to run the 5k. Information is available on the "5K Race" page of this wiki.