Parents you can help your runner by

*Reminding them to take their shoes, snack and water bottle on Wednesdays.

  • Good snack choices are very important for runners....for fuel and to avoid stomach issues. Here are some suggestions:
    • banana or peach
    • granola bar (nut free)
    • fig newton cookies
    • graham crackers
    • yogurt
    • bagel
    • pretzels
    • animal crackers
    • a low-fiber cereal or Apple Cinnamon O's (nut free)

*Join us walking or running
*Stand/sit to patrol
*Take a shift passing out the wrist bands that we will be using to count laps.

*Register your child and your family with the F2H Fit Challenge.
Michigan was recently ranked the 5th most obese state in the country, with 1 in 3 people overweight. Our goal is to change that. We're starting with the 185,000 people who live or work in Farmington or Farmington Hills. Join us as our 2 cities work together to lose 500,000 lbs and log 1,000,000 miles!
Follow this link to register. Join the Wood Creek Elementary School group.