Wood Creek Run Club Marathon
This activity will be limited to the first 10 students who submit their application (separate page) beginning Monday, January 29. Do not turn in before Jan. 29.
Students must be willing to commit to:
  • Running 2.5 miles OUTSIDE every Wednesday for 10 weeks beginning on February 7. If you miss a week, you must have evidence that you have run the 2.5 miles at another time that week. If you miss the miles, you will not be allowed to continue with the program.
  • Running 1.2 miles at the Kid’s Mini-Marathon in Dearborn on Saturday, April 14 (this is during our ‘spring break’)
Parents must be willing to:
  • Register their student for the race prior to Wednesday, February 7.
Do not register until your child has been confirmed as a participant. The confirmation note will have the discount password. Financial aid is available. PTA can provide for reimbursement for students who register and complete the marathon.
  • Ensure that their student has the proper clothing for outside winter running
  • Guarantee that they will pick up their student by 4:30. Students who are picked up late will not be allowed to continue with the program. There will not be any exceptions.
  • Transport their student to Dearborn for the Mini-Marathon event at 12:45 on Saturday, April 14.
  • Full details about the event at: runningfitevents.redpodium.com/2018-martian-kids-marathon