Application for Wood Creek Run Club Marathon
I want to run a marathon!!
This must be turned into the office by Monday, January 29. Only the first 10 students will be participating.
  • o I will run 2.5 miles every Wednesday beginning on Feb. 7
  • o I will be ready to run outside
  • o I will responsible and respectful.
  • o I will pick up my student by 4:30
  • o I will register my student for the race and will send a copy of the registration before February 7.
    • o I understand that if I register prior to formal notification that my child has been accepted to this program, there will be neither refunds provided nor expansion of the program.

  • o I understand that should I or my child violate any of the agreements within there will be no refunds from Martian Marathon.

  • o I understand that Wood Creek Elementary and Farmington Public Schools are not assuming liability or responsibility for my child during their participation at the Martian Marathon.
  • o
  • o I am interested in reimbursement for the registration fee
  • o I do not need reimbursement for the registration fee
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