Welcome to the wiki for Wood Creek's Run Club!

The Wood Creek Run Club helps our children learn about healthy exercise habits and highlights running as a life-long sport. No matter the pace (yes, even walking), we are still exercising our hearts and muscles.

The club will be for all boys and girls in grades K – 5. All children who join Run Club will be encouraged and supported. Some children do find that running is not ‘their thing’ though and it is ok to discontinue participation rather than creating distractions to others. Students will be asked to sign a contract at Run Club agreeing to the group's norms. A student who violates the norms will be given a warning that will need to be signed by parents and returned before the student can return to the Run Club. Our current coaches are 3 parents, Mrs. Walby, Mr. Caulfield and Mrs. Hassell, and a teacher, Ms. D Smith. Parents are encouraged to join us in running or walking.

We will meet on the blacktop outside of the LGI on Wednesdays right after school and practice until 4:45. Children must be picked up by 4:45. We ask that you be respectful of our volunteers’ time and make arrangements to be on time. We understand that things happen and will allow for one late pickup. The front doors of the school will be locked so please come around to the back of the school. You will be asked to sign out your child. Spring Session will start on Wednesday, April 11. Our last run club at school will be Wednesday, May 30. Students are invited to run a 5k at parkrun Livonia on Saturday, June 2nd to celebrate the end of the Spring season. Parents are responsible for their own student transportation.

We will meet on the blacktop outside of the LGI. We will practice running and other running games on the black top and bus loop. Practice will NEVER be cancelled due to weather so children need to be dressed appropriately. (Add 20 degrees to the temperature to figure out clothing.) Children must wear appropriate shoes. Children MUST bring their own water bottle with their name on it . We will not provide water bottles. Students may have access to the drinking fountain on a limited basis. Children should also bring a HEALTHY snack...such as a piece of fruit or granola bar, NOT cookies or chips. We are eating this snack as fuel for our run. Non-healthy snacks such as cookies or chips do not provide fuel and they do cause upset stomaches.

Cost: There is no charge to participate in the Run Club.

If your child is interested and you are willing to support their participation, please complete the registration (See the Navigation Tab on the left and click "pages'). Return it to the school office no later than THURSDAY, MARCH 29. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY NEW MEMBERS AFTER MARCH 29. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE DEADLINE.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Smith at dawn.smith@farmington.k12.mi.us

Run Club Rules

Be Responsible
•take care of your own self
•bring your shoes, snack and water (put your name on your water bottle!)

Encourage Others
•use kind words such as "Sorry" and "Nice job"
•run with a partner

Act Safely
•look forward; look where you are going
•keep your hands and feet to yourself
•tie your shoes
•watch for cars/busses
•watch for runners coming in the other direction

Respect Others, Self and Area
•clean up after your snack - trash or recycle
•put plastic water bottles in the recycle container
•water is only for drinking
•keep your hands and feet to yourself